Download Sylvester Stallone Movies: Rocky,Rambo

Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone born on July 6, 1946 in New York's gritty Hells kitchen to Frank Stallone Sr. and Jacqueline Labofish is one of the highest paid Hollywood actor . Sylvester the actor/director/script writer/ producer is known for its role in Rocky and Rambo movies series. In spite of doing roles in comedy and drama types of movies, he is still remembered for his action roles .During his childhood days Stallone was not happy, he was lonely and his friends used to make mockery of him. An accident during his forceps delivery resulted in parts of his chin, lip and tongue paralyzed. The trademark of slurred speech,drooping lower lip and crooked left eye are the results of the accident which happened to him. Thus his friends in childhood days used to taunt him for his facial features and that made Stallone lonely and homely. His parents troubled marriage which later ended in divorce also made Sylvester unhappy and angry.
         While waiting for his  acting career to start ,he has worked all sort of work to make his ends meet. Sylvester career gained momentum with the Rocky movie which he wrote and acted as a star in 1976. The movie gained lot of appraise and was commercial hit. Stallone wrote,directed and acted in Rocky II (1979), then the third movie of the series was released in year 1982 (Rocky III). In the same year he introduced a character John Rambo in First blood. Thus the series of Rocky which continued up to Rocky V made his fans excited and thrilled by his performance while the Rambo series ended up in Rambo (2008) which was the fourth movie of this series. The Expendables 2 is another movie of Sylvester series which is written by himself and is set to be released in the year 2012 its a sequel of The Expendables(2010). Thus the saga of this great actor will continue and remain forever . We wish him all the best for his upcoming movie and great health.

If you have not watched the ROCKY movie series and the RAMBO collection ,you guys have missed a lot .
 Download Sylvester Stallone movies from the link provided below, these are the one of the greatest movies of the Sylvester era.

 (1) The complete "Rambo" movie collection:
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(2) The complete "Rocky" movie series collection:
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(3) "The Expendables" movie :
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