Andrew Symonds to enter BIG BOSS HOUSE Today

Andrew Symonds will enter the Big Boss House along with Pooja Misrra as a contestant in today's episode. Pooja Misrra who was kicked out of Big Boss house owing to her aggressive and violent behavior towards her fellow contestant Sidharth will be the translator for Symonds. As the biggest problem for Symonds will be to understand Hindi therefore Pooja Misrra will be his translator. Pooja Misrra told that she will try to clear her name and all the controversies surrounding her as well as she will try to teach Andrew some Hindi and about the  Indian culture. 
Andrew Symonds who has entered the show just one month before the closing of the show, told reporters that he has not watched even a single episode of the show as he did not want to enter the House with a biased opinion about others. He says that he welcomes Harbajan Singh in the House as he will be a good ally .The 36 year old  former Australian all rounder said that he will try to be himself and hope to have a lot of fun inside the house and show them glimpse of the Australian culture as well as learn about Indian culture. Former Aussie cricketer who accused Bhajji for calling him monkey on year 2008 (known as monkey gate scandal ) is now on good terms with him . He is also keen to meet Sunny Leone as he thinks she is a fun loving girl.
           Talking about Pooja who will enter the house as translator for Symonds as he does not understand hindi   and will try to help him as all the contestants in the show can converse in hindi only . Pooja thanked Big Boss for allowing her to enter the Big Boss House again . While other former contestants said that she is allowed to enter the house to boost the TRP of the show.