The Gunpowder Plot of 1605

organized by Robert Catesby, Thomas Wintour, Robert Wintour, Guy Fawkes, John Wright, Christopher Wright, Robert Keyes, Thomas Percy, John Grant, Ambrose Rookwood, Sir Everard Digby, Francis Tresham, Thomas Bates, was plot to assassinate James I of England and restore Catholicism to England.

The 13 conspirators planned to place a hoard of gunpowder in an area directly underneath the House of Lords. The plotters believed it to be the perfect place to hide explosives, as the area had gone unused for some time. As October came and the plot was finalized, concerns arose that there may be Catholics present in Parliament when the device was to explode. On Saturday, October 26th, William Parker, 4th Baron Monteagle, Francis Tresham's brother-in-law, received an anonymous letter warning him not to attend Parliament. On Friday, November 1st, the King was shown the letter, and it was later decided that a search of the Houses of Parliament would be undertaken on Monday.

Authorities captured Fawkes in the basement area shortly after midnight. According to the King's account, searchers discovered a servant nearby a large pile of firewood in the basement on Monday, November 4th. He informed the searchers that the firewood belonged to his master, Thomas Percy. The servant's true identity was Guy Fawkes. Fawkes was arrested on November 5th and later put to death for his part in the aborted effort to blow up parliament.

November 5th has been a day of celebration in Great Britain and many of its former colonies. You will see bonfires glowing as folks sit around and watch their fireworks being shot.
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