A few soundbites from those who have seen fireworks...

'We were sat there really, really high up and I just have this memory of watching 40 odd performers on stage all moving in complete, perfect unison.  There was 50 or 60 rows of people in front of me, but I can still smell their sweat and hear their breath.'
'I walked into a car that came from Liverpool I think, and I really didn’t know what to expect….  And there was this man in the car and he offered me a sweet and he talked to me about, about the death of his brother…
'I wonder how many memories I have of shows I haven’t actually seen.'
'I saw a strong person, a lovely person, break on stage and even if it was pretend, it was heart-wrenching.'
'Walking the stage and gazing. Staring at the audience, daring them to do something….'
'And the last light goes out and there’s such a vacuum-like loss at the end that seems to suck everything into it, it’s like a star imploding or something.'
'You find yourself laughing and all of a sudden you don’t know why you have been laughing at all.'
'….like someone was stroking your soul…'