A few from the weekend!

Wearing: Rise Lace dress, Carvella wedge boots, Urban Outfitters bad, Topshop fringe jacket.

I had such a fantastic weekend! Hence why there was no blogging! I literally did not have time to even get on the internet (which is sometimes a luxury to spend the weekend away from it all!). My time included staying up late helping with shop openings, going to the biggest local event Airbourne and  spending time with my lovely boyfriend and friends watching the finale fireworks and having a few Kopperburgs on the beach!
Eastbourne is famous for Airbourne with its amazing plane displays as well as everything combat to look around (ie huge guns and tanks!). It really is one of those events that gets the town completely buzzing! Me and Jack rushed to watch the Red Arrows (I had to buy a change of clothes as i was wearing a jumper dress, #Bristishweathersyndrome) then we fell asleep in the sun for about three hours! Lets just say I never realised how good my concealer was until I took it off to see a beat-root staring back at me!
It was such a perfect weekend and now I have the busiest week ever ahead of me filled with moving to London and photoshoots!
What are you guys up to?