Witchy Woman and her dog

Wearing: Topshop top, H&M dress (worn underneath) and floppy hat, Urban Outfitters clutch, Handmade turquoise  bracelet, and Luxla Hexnut bracelet.

I have been feeling the urge to dress in more mysterious ensembles recently, I think it must be all the inspiring american stores such as Spanish Moss and American Gold! You have already seen this top a long time ago, it has the perfect amount of sheer and beautiful billowing sleeves! I though rather than team this beautiful pale pink with brown and nude (which is my usual go to) I would pair it with tougher black accessories! 

I still of course couldn't resist a bit of turquoise that compliments my new Luxla Hexnut bracelet beautifully. If you haven't heard of Luxla already it is the amazing jewelry line brain child of Amanda McCombs and Lina Bardovi! These luxe girls run the entire company and put delicate detail into everything they do. From marketing, collaborating with other designers and bloggers, producing photo shoots to hand making every piece themselves, there is nothing they can't do.  Check them out here.

Oh and how could I forget, meet Rodney our new puppy, he brings so much sunshine into my life right now! He really is the sweetest and funniest little boy! We are a family known for strange pets (my sister has two alpaca's here ) but rodney is by far the most loving!