Turquoise and Nude

Wearing: Select and Femme shirt, Fox bright blue jeans, Very old Dorothy Perkins bag, Miss Selfridge nude heels.

This is what I am wearing right now! I love being able to share with you what i am wearing within the same hour! I bought this top yesterday and new straight away i wanted to wear it with these bright jeans that have been hiding in my wardrobe for ages! 
Right now I am going to meet Jack from work and enjoy a lovely weekend with him! Tomorrow i am going to try the fish pedicure for the first time! You can keep up to date with my screamishness and how it feels on Twitter if you are into that!
Oh and I am loving this new bracelet i made! I have had these beads sitting around for a while too so decided to just tie them around my wrist! I might try to actually make something decent with them!

Have a great friday people!! What are you plans?