Modern Day Woodstock Hippie

Primark dress, Asos heels and fringe bag, hand made dream catchers, H&M cuffs, various jewelry.

Sometimes I just want to dress for the fun of it, this is one of those outfits were on a whim I threw it all together and decided it worked! When I get ready in the morning (Or when i am being really lazy the afternoon) I always put piece's together that I think will look nice, sometimes I can end up with 4 or 5 full looks to choose from! This is always handy for the week ahead as then those ideas are fresh in my mind!

I always find it interesting how people get dressed in the mornings, it is different for everyone! Maybe I should do some interviews on it! How do you get dressed in the mornings? Is it planned or do you put on whatever catches you eye?

I think this look is a bit hippie and boho, I love the 60'ish cut and 70's  pattern, and of course paired with fringing! This is definitely my modern day hippie look! I have swapped my peace sign for a dreamcatcher to tie in with the boho look! What are you favourite pieces from this look?