Enchantress' spell

Primark dress (Yes again!!) and necklace, New look boots, mums belt.

I have been reading the story of Rapunzel and although she is the main character of the story, to me the enchantress that takes Rapunzel is actually a much more powerful character. She is feared by all the world and owns the garden full of rampion. To me I would rather be an attractive enchantress than an attractive Rapunzel who can not even rescue herself. I feel that this speaks allot about how I have been feeling towards my ambitions and career, I feel like I am growing stronger in myself and my abilities and hope that I can use these feelings towards something productive. Fairy tales to me always have meanings behind and life lessons hidden inside them! 
This castle is literally 5 minutes away from wear i live, and is perfect to play out any fairy tale. I found myself wearing something that matched perfectly with the setting, even though I had not planned to. The belle sleeves on this dress are what attracted me to it so much, when the light catches in them they are perfect.
Having never explored the grounds of the castle before me and my good friend Lucia from
Im not going to lie, it was a pretty freaky day, with lots of strange things happening when we were there! There are hidden gardens and mazes as well as a spooky house at the top of the hill. We packed a picnic and headed out to what must be the most serene place! There are lots of beautiful images to show you, so stay tuned! 

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