Dark Romance.

Wearing: Topshop bead cardigan, thrifted dress, Cavella Smitten wedges, Urban outfitters studded clutch, handmade jewelry

I have never shared with you my dark side, so here it is. Of course I could not be without some sort of fringing but this is one of my more metal/gothic looks. I love the fringing on this dress and matched with the heavy beading on the cardigan I thought it made for a very dark look! As some of you that have been reading my blog a while know, I listen to metal so wanted this outfit to represent that passion! 

Also these are my new booties from Cavalla! I have been looking for these smitten wedges since before xmas so am very pleased to finally have them on my feet!!

I also made this choker (How long has it been since we wore these?!) I have seen they are going to be big for A/W 2011 I really hope they are as I feel I am getting an obsession... (sorry Jack, I know you HATE them!)

Call the Cops, I Don't Give a Fuck!

The Cast of "Jungle Book"

Here they are, the characters from "Jungle Book".
I can't tell you how much this movie means to me. This was my first Disney animated film, I was about 11 years old when I saw it, and my life changed forever.
That's what I wanted to learn and do, Disney Animation.
No way I was not going to pursue this, despite the fact that everybody thought I was nuts. My parents sort of tolerated this "passion", didn't understand it though.
School friends enjoyed my early drawing skills, but me wanting to go to America to draw cartoons for Disney.......sure you will!
"Jungle Book" was and is huge in Europe, more so than in the US.
Audiences appreciated the humor coming from the characters within a very simple story line. Also, even though there are plenty of emotional moments in the film,
sentimentality shows up in more subtle ways than in other Disney films. 
In Europe all these characters are now iconic and part of American/European folklore.
And wouldn't it be nice, if Disneyland Paris had an exclusive "Jungle Book" ride,
.....long overdue.

All these drawings are by Milt Kahl. As so often he gave the final look to all the characters, based on sketches by Bill Peet and Ken Anderson. 
Some are scans from originals, others from copies. The drawings with Baloo
were done for scenes by Frank and Ollie.

When you think of it, this movie had so much going against it. Walt died before it was finished, story genius Bill Peet quit early on, and so did Walt Peregoy, who had much to do with color and design on previous films like "101 Dalmatians" and "Sword in the Stone". Yet somehow to many this became a very special film.
As Milt told me later : " At least the dam thing has a nice flow to it!" 

Take a Look

I've been painting in soft pastel for over 25 years. Long story short: no room to paint in pastels and an urge to move on. (God given!) I have a staggering pile of over 250 pastel paintings ~ credible, beautiful, fun artwork, bagged up and hidden away in the dark of my art cabinet. Take a look: Paintings for a Song

Corrales Acequia, 9" x 9"

Colorado Contrasts, 9" x 9"

Famous Play Back singer Mahathi Family Album

Singer Mahathi Wedding Reception images
Singer Mahathi Wedding Reception images

Singer Mahathi very popular face in classical songs and devotional song singer. She won so many cinema awards for singing. Very good natural voice of vocal and sweet honey voice of her musical journey. Her mummy also a classical singer of the musical life. Newly born baby onwards she hearing her mummy/mothers songs through the stage performance of her mother songs’.

Playback Singer Mahathi Childhood pictures
Playback Singer Mahathi Childhood pictures

Mahathi also a Popular Tamil Malayalam telugu singer Mrs.Mahathi sang so many popular songs in all these languages. Particularly in Tamil movie song SAMI (Actor hero : vikram act as a police/rowdy and actress heroin Sweetie  Trisha act as a madisar mami) ayyayo ayyayo pidichiruku song rocks that time.

Playback Singer Mahathi perform stage Childhood wallpapers
Playback Singer Mahathi perform stage Childhood wallpapers

Mahathi also act as one of the judge in VIJAY TV SUPER SINGER JUNIOR program. She is correcting the shape of the voice modulation of the little junior voice and gave diamond value tips to the young play pack singers. Vastly experience cinema and classical singer mahathi gets more and more happiness and peaceful in her life. Well wishes to you….

Singer Mahathi Childhood school performance wallpapers
 Singer Mahathi Childhood school performance wallpapers







http://youtu.be/o93_cRPXFfo ANDREW JACKSON

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http://youtu.be/RJMahtSncg4 DAVY CROCKETT

http://youtu.be/c8nEfg_xfrc JOHNNY B COOL
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http://youtu.be/tLfRI4Fi8Ds FIVE ACES

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Yes Mrs Boss

Wearing: H&M dress, Topshop top and jacket, Asos fringe bag and New Look Boots.

This is a typical outfit if I need to dress a bit smarter for the day but still want to include my most loved items, fringing and boots. I think it makes for quite a nice relaxed yet smarter look.  If that is even English! haha

Unfortunately I have now had to part with the much loved dreamcatcher because I found it chewed to piece and the culprit sitting on the floor with feathers stuffed in his mouth... seems Rodney (my adorable new puppy) liked it more than I did! 

I hope your all having a good week! Its wednesday already! Time is going so quick!!