Michael Douglas almost shot his family with fireworks while trying to surprise them.

The actor is married to Catherine Zeta-Jones and they have two kids together, Dylan, ten, and eight-year-old Carys. Michael has revealed he and his family usually spend American Independence Day, July 4, abroad, but that doesn’t mean they forget about the holiday. They always try to celebrate, and last year he was over-zealous with his plans.

“We usually go to Spain in the summers, so we make a big Fourth of July… because we’re not here, we’re not in the US,” he said. “Last time I tried to surprise [the family] with fireworks out in the ocean on a raft, except it started getting a little rough and fireworks started coming in wrong angles.”

Catherine recently revealed she’d checked into a clinic to be treated for bipolar II disorder. Michael has explained she is now doing well and is enjoying being back at work. She’s currently preparing to shoot movie Rock of Ages, which also stars Tom Cruise and Russell Brand.

“Catherine is doing Rock of Ages down in Miami. She’s doing a rehearsal for it now and doing the dancing stuff [and] coming back tonight,” he told Access Hollywood this week. “She’s doing great. She just finished a couple of pictures in Louisiana. So, it’s all good.”

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