Hide Flaws Hide

hey! :) sorry I've been so lazy lately. I just don't feel like taking pictures for my blog, nor typing to share what I have in mind. Maybe because of the rainy season informing that summer has been officially over for more than a week now, which is kinda sad. I created this post just to feel less guilty for not making a new blog entry. Really, I don't have any idea right now on what to say. So, I decided to browse my pictures on my laptop to help me decide on what to post, then I saw a photo of my make-up palette that I ordered online. Forgot that I took a picture of it, I have it for a month now, so I guess it wouldn't hurt if I share it with you guys. Better late than never.

I received the package the next day after I ordered it. cool, isn't it?

as you can see, the packaging was safely secured.

sorry, I have to copy the photo from their website since I want to  emphasize the real colors of it and I  just can't because I have a poor camera. :( planning to buy a new one, though. yay! :)

It is actually a corrector/concealer/contour palette, yes, all in one. I became addicted to concealers since I had my on and off allergies/rashes, two or three years ago, if I'm not mistaken.  I usually have it on my face, especially under my eye. How awful and tragic, like on my FACE!  Anyway, this palette is actually good it hides my flaws instantly when it comes to concealing and correcting, but what I don't like about it is that it fades away quickly.  So disappointing, I expected them to stay long like what it should be. Really,  how am I supposed to retouch?  Do you expect me to bring the whole huge palette with me?  lol! What is interesting about this is the contour pan on the bottom right as you can see on this palette. It surprisingly, works! I thought it's way too dark for me but it blends really well like magic.

I am also thankful to the seller, she's so kind and accomodating. It's my second time to order a make-up from her, the first one is an eye shadow and blush palette. similar to coastal scent, I guess.

I really love this palette, that's all I can say.
guys, any suggestion about a really good concealer? and please help find a nice product that will effectively lessen my dark under eye circles and for my wrinkles. I know it's too early for me to have wrinkles but believe me I already have it. :( I got it from scratching and rubbing my eyes and eye area too much that my thin skin under my eyes got stretched and caused me to have premature wrinkles. by the way, The skin around our eyes is some of the thinnest skin on our body. So if you can, never ever rub your eyes. I swear you'll regret it.   

Right now my favorite concealer is the body shop's concealer pencil and I won't be without it. :)

puhleeeease, leave some suggestions especially about my under eye problem. Thanks in advance. :)