I just want to share another side of me. It is my love for cute things even the word "cute" is cute for me. hahaha. It's in my system, When I was a kid I used to collect stationeries, stickers, and erasers. I always end up to the point of buying something just because it's cute or pretty even though I don't need it.  I know most us have the same way of behaving when it comes to buying the things we don't need.  It's like a good example of what our life is:  a constant battle between what we want and what is right.  I was told before that in order to control yourself from buying too much, you should ask yourself first if you need it or if you're going to use it.(sounds pretty much the same, i know.)  Well, sometimes it works but I still believe that it is not a waste of money, because the happy feeling I always get from buying those things is so worth it.  As long as you know how much budget you got and always stick to that limit.

Sorry, I have been blabbing too much, I hope that it even makes sense. Anyway, all I want to post are the "cute" things that I bought on my last trip to HK and Macau, which I have previously mentioned on this blog site. So here, I am going to post the 5 cute things that fitted my budget (of course):
(prices are all converted from HK dollars to Peso)

1. Lip gloss 

It looks like a yummy doughnuts Php 530

I was surprised that it comes in different gloss colors inside. 
Macaroon Lip balm Php 410

I also bought another lip gloss that looks like chocolates, which I already gave to my sister and forgot to take a picture of it. 

2. Shoe shaped perfume

They all smell good. Php 160 each

3.  Portable Speaker

a really good speaker that costs Php 600

4. Sun glasses
I like the color and the flower design on the temples are cute :)

php 900

5. Chinese kids clothes 

wearing her cheongsam or chinese dress
looks so much cuter when worn :)

both clothes are php 510  :)
that's it, just another random post! :)

LEEtwentysix :)