Mineral Powders Review

Hi guys, This is my first time writing a review for anything and I promise to be honest on this and to all my upcoming reviews.(in case there will be. hahaha)

Mineral makeup seems like the newest fad when it comes to makeup products. So me, as a self confessed makeup buff got curious about  it.

It is said that mineral makeups are pure, no talc, or other chemically driven creations. It allows your skin to breathe and give essential vitamins for good skin health. Since I have a super sensitive skin, I got convinced that I should try these makeup products. Hoping that what is said is true and not just another gimmick.

Here are the two products i bought:

The body shop's nature's mineral powder in 00 shade. What i liked about it is that it has sifter and spf 25. The color is just right for me and it blends easily on my face. The coverage is quite light which is actually good for everyday use but if you're going to use it on a special occasion then i advise you not to use this. 

Avon's smooth mineral in pink ivory. I don't really like this one because it gets cakey when not properly blended and the shade i bought is too light for me. It made me look so pale, I guess that's the disadvantage when you buy something from a brochure. The only thing i liked about this is that it covers well on my face, i can barely see my pores. I just wish I bought the right shade though. 

Over all, I still have to find the perfect mineral powder match for me. Any suggestions, please? But i'm happy that mineral makeups are really good for my sensitive skin, so far no rashes, allergies or anything. And of course, when using mineral powders don't forget to blend it properly in a circular motion using a very good brush.

xoxo! :)