Sand in my toes and the wind in my hair

Vintage Dress, Primark wedges,Oasis fringe bag, various jewelry.

Its a record, all day on the beach in April! It has been so hot here in the UK, our summers are never all that great or reliable so it is lovely to have this little 'minnie summer'! Me and Jack went for a lovely picnic on the beach and then decided to go exploring and this is what we found! Yes I walked across about 5 beaches in these heels to get there (no I am not completely mad, I had not planned for beach exploring).We walked to the very end beach before the cliffs, found a well and our own little private beach. We then decided to walk up the cliff's we entailed some very very steep steps! The view from the top was spectacular, Jack was so worried I would loose balance and fall off! 

I hope everyone is having a fab long weekend! I will give you the recipe to the cakes soon :)