Cup Cakes Recipe

So for the lovely cupcakes that have been sneaking in to outfit posts recently all you will need is:
* Scales
* Mixing bowl
* Wooden spoon (blender if you have one)
* Cup cake cases

(For plain cupcakes)
* 4 ounces of Self raising flour
* 4 ounces of Margarine 
* 4 ounces of Caster sugar
* Drop of Vanilla Essence
* 2 Medium size eggs
(For chocolate add 1 ounce of coco powder)

For the icing: 
(for chocolate)
* 2 ounces of butter/ margarine
* 3 1/2 ounces of icing sugar
* 1/2 ounce of Coco powder

(For Orange)
* 4 ounces of butter/ margarine
* 2 ounces of icing sugar
* The juice of half an orange
* Grated orange rind

First put the oven on to heat up, at around 180 degrees. Then measure all the ingredients and crack the eggs into a cup (so not to get shell in the cakes). Mix together the margarine and caster sugar, I usually do this with the back of the spoon. (Makes sure to taste at this point!) Then mix in the flour while adding the eggs one at a time. If you have a mixer now is the time to shove it in there (save your arms becoming like Popeye!)

Once it is mixed up the important part is 'Flapping' for five minutes, no that doesn't mean rushing around the kitchen not knowing what to do! You need to fold lots and lots of air into the mixture to make them rise really high!

Pop in the oven at 180 degrees Gas mark 4/5 for 15- 20 minutes or until risen, keep an eye on them! Everyones oven will be a bit different!

As for the icing, bung it all in and mix! It is extra fun to use an electric whisk, it looks like a smokin' cauldron!
Then use an icing tool or fork to decorate the top!!

Here are some easter decoration ideas...