First Dibs!

I have been a bit stupid, yes believe it or not, and have attempted to force my feet into shrinking. Trust me it does not work. So these babies have unfortunately only been worn once and I am now going to have to find them a loving new owner. I really wanted to get the bigger size but they are now completely sold out, and being limited I am guessing they will not get any more!
As I really appreciate you guys I wanted to give you a heads up first before sticking them on eBay, where I can not guarantee their love.

The details:

  • Size 6 
  • Limited edition from New look
  • Genuine Suede upper
  • Round toe
  • Lace up
  • Worn once
  • Bought for £59.99
More details and pics: 

£50(including postage) Sorry UK only. Email me your Paypal email address to and I will send an invoice. The booties will be sent first class :)