DIY studded leather jacket

So since I have been coveting studs the last week I thought I would actually get down to business and start studding my sleeveless jacket! I am planing on adding way more studs than this I have been waiting on the post for a delivery of 500 smaller studs! Just think how much damage i could do with 500! 

You will need:
- Studs (Got mine from
- A jacket that you want studded
- some pliers or other manly tool to bend the back of the studs
-scissors to punch a whole for the studs
- Some thing to read is you get bored! I opted for Elle. 

I could tell you how to do it step by step but its pretty simple and straight forward so I will save boring you, one tip I would give is to maybe measure how much space you want between the studs to make sure it is even and in line. You also want to make sure that you bend the back of the studs right in so that they do not scratch you when you put it on! It only took me about 10 minutes to do. It has taken a pretty ordinary Primark gillet and turned it into something with a bit more attitude!